Paitoon Jumee

"Look" 200x145cm (giio)

“Look” 200x145cm (giio) SOLD at CamArt August 2013

"Between Nothingness and Eternity", 200x145cm

“Between Nothingness and Eternity”, 200x145cm

200x145cm, Acrylic on canvas

200x145cm, Acrylic on canvas SOLD

"Eyes Wide Shut" 200x145cm

“Eyes Wide Shut” 200x145cm SOLD



"Blue Line" 200x145cm (giio)

“Blue Line”
(giio) SOLD at CamArt August 2013

"Remembering" 145x200cm (giio)


"Reflections" 145cmx200cm (fiio)

“Reflections” available only as Limited Edition print

"Green Meditation" 115x145cm (eiio)

“Green Meditation”

"Dream"  145cmx200cm (giio)

“Dream” available only as limited edition print

"Serenity" 200cm x 145cm (giio)

“Serenity” available only as limited edition print

"Soccer Ball" 115 x 145cm (dooo)

“Soccer Ball”
115 x 145cm (dooo)

Paitoon Jumee: The Artist


Paitoon Jumee (b.1978) is a young contemporary Thai artist from Bangkok. Paitoon studied art at the Thai Vijitsil Art School 93-96 and ay Thailand’s prestigious Pohchang University 96-98.

Paitoon’s bold female portraits and stunning figurative male nudes are a real statement on the walls at Tusk Gallery. His pieces are highly sought after by collectors all over the world and don’t last long usually being snapped up within just days of completion. Tusk Gallery has been exhibiting the artwork of Paitoon Jumee for around 4 years.

Paitoon’s portraits contrast the masculine and the feminine – highlighting the delicate features of the female face including the neck, eyes, and jawline, whilst using masculine colours and raw textures. His pieces successfully represent elements of traditional Thai aesthetics whilst also maintaining a fundamentally contemporary feel that appeals to viewers all over the globe.

Selected Exhibitions:

1998 22 Bua Luang Exhibition of painting, Bangkok

2007 Art market at central Chidlom, Bangkok

2008 Art market at River city shopping complex, Bangkok

2008 A preview of the future, Somerset hotel

2008 Art Expo Malaysia

2009 Neo Black, River city shopping complex, Bangkok

2009 See Sow Seen, River city shopping, Bangkok

2009 Black and White [Grand 7] Chatucahk Market

2009 Aesthetics of body, Silom Galleria, Bangkok

2011 Melbourne’s Affordable Art Fair, Australia

2011    Lady First, V64 artstudio, Bangkok

2012 Group Exhibition, Grand Opening at V64 art studio, Bangkok

2012 Group Exhibition, “Black and White Paintings”, V64, Bangkok

2012 Installation and Sculpture Exhibition “UP TO GU”, V64, Bangkok

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